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The ATMEGA328P-PU - The heart of the vastly popular Arduino Uno R3Components Plus specialise in electrical components for hobbyists and makers alike. We are passionate about anything Arduino, RaspberryPi and robotics. We provide a wide range of cheap components aimed at inspiring the hobbies.

In today's golden age of digital technology, a new era of hobby electronics has emerged. More advanced electronics such as robotics and microcontrollers have become much more accessible to the individual hobbies, all liberated by the vast array of tutorials and walk-throughs available online.

The introduction of the Arduino and RaspberryPi has inspired the hobbyist to combine their knowledge of computers with electronics, making far more complicated projects achievable at home without expensive equipment..

Producing bespoke robotic parts at home and hackspaces is much easier thanks to the rise in laser cutters, CNC lathes and 3D printers.

Digital innovation is no longer the reserve of multinational corporations with huge research and development budgets. Instead, the next big innovations are now happening in the homes, sheds and hackspaces across the country.