Perf-Board Trackless Prototyping PCB

A low cost, rough PCB. Single Sided 5cm x 7cm

Perf-Board Trackless Prototyping PCB

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Perf-Board Trackless Prototyping PCB
  • Roughly cut and very low cost
  • Size approx: 50mm x 70mm x 1.5mm
  • Standard hole pitch (2.54mm)
  • Single sided with 432 holes (18 x 24)
  • Individual solder points for each hole - no tracks

A very low budget prototyping board. The board does not have any tracks each hole is surrounded by copper. You can create circuits using hock-up wire or building "solder bridges" n the underside of the board.

The front of the PCB is screen printed with row and column letters/numbers.

These boards are very crudely cut, but their low cost make them ideal for mocking up circuits.


  • Standard PCB hole pitch: 2.54mm
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 70mm x 1.5mm (approx)
  • Total holes: 432

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