Light Dependent Resistor GL5516

Also known as a LDR or Photoresistor

Light Dependent Resistor GL5516

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Light Dependent Resistor GL5516
  • 5mm diameter
  • Light Resistance: 5-10 Kohm
  • Dark Resistance: 500 Kohm
  • Max voltage: 150 volts
  • Max Power: 90 watts

Light dependent resistors decrease their resistance when they are exposed to light, and therefore make excellent light sensors.

This can be linked directly to the analogue ports of an Arduino or microcontroller. It can also be used with a Raspberry Pi in conjunction with a capacitor (has per our tutorial here) or an Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC).

In moderate daylight (10 lux) the LDR has a resistance between 5-10 kilo-ohms. In darkness, the resistance can rse up to 500 kilo-ohms.


  • Light Resistance @10 lux: 5-10 KΩ
  • Dark Resistace: 500 KΩ
  • Max voltage: 150 volts
  • Max Power: 90 watts

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