10K NTC Thermistor NTC-MF52AT

Temperature sensor

10k NTC Thermistor NTC-MF52AT

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10k NTC Thermistor NTC-MF52AT
  • 10 Kohms
  • Model NTC-MF52AT
  • 3mm diameter
  • Measures temperature

Thermistors change resistance as the temperature changes and therefore make excellent temperature sensors. As the temperature rises, the resistance falls. They are used in a range of appliances from thermometers to thermostats.

At 0 degrees centigrade, the thermistor will have a resistance of around 28KΩ. At 50 degrees centigrade the resistance will be 4KΩ.


  • Resistance at room temperature: 10KΩ
  • Model number: NTC-MF52AT
  • Diameter: 3mm

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